Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema, Pan de Azúcar, Bossa Nova… what wonderful memories of one of our favorite trips.

We have just finished the second season of “Coisa mas linda“. A very pleasant series, set in Brazil, which addresses considerable themes such as female independence, violence against women, friendship, but above all love and the freedom to love: the noblest, though often disturbed, feeling of being at the center of all the stories.

We are in the late fifties when the protagonist Maria Luiza discovers that her husband has abandoned her by stealing her money. Despite the disappointment, the woman decides to get up and start an individual growth path, becoming an entrepreneur. A difficult path that will lead her to roll up her sleeves and rebuild the future. A future full of surprises, but which will be accompanied by the sincere friendship of other women.

In addition to this story of female emancipation, there is also bossa nova, inextricably linked to Brazil.

Coisa mas Linda, the most beautiful thing on Netflix, in our opinion, is a TV series that is worth watching. Let’s give the thumbs up for all seasons.

PROS: photography with wonderful views, treated themes, dialogues in the original language: Brazilian Portuguese, the rise of the bossa nova musical genre

CONS: Italian voice not available, but only with subtitles

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