AAA wanted roommate was the beginning of everything: “LeConqui” (in addition to a blog on beauty, travel, gourmet food and fashion) is above all the story of a great friendship born by chance from an online advertisement.

Over the years we have shared a pied à terre of a few tens of square meters, a few pillows, travel, events, experiences… but above all a great passion for communication, good food, everything that glitters and new trends.

LeConqui is nothing more than sharing our life, with some good friends, a window on everything we like and fills our days: fashion, cooking, beauty and travel, thanks to which we discover how beautiful the world is.

Leit motiv of the blog LeConqui.com will be enthusiasm and creativity, which have always been the characteristics that distinguish us, without forgetting the irony and sarcasm that make our life more sparkling.

Physical Address

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124