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SKINIUS: new formula and travel format

For those who are always on the road as us, the launch of the new SKINIUS line travel format is the best news we could receive at the beginning of this year.

As you know it is essential to follow a precise cleaning ritual and a proper beauty routine to protect your skin. Face, eyelids, neck and lips. For the latter of these we recommend NOAGY, the regenerating, balding and nourishing anti-aging lip balm.

A product without parabens specifically designed for lips, a must have that can no longer be missing in our bag, especially in these days of cold that bring our lips to crack more easily.

Thanks to its active ingredients this balm will improve the hydration of your skin and will help you repair the micro-cracks and soften the micro-wrinkles.

It is exceptional also as lip primer and lipstick base!

What do you waiting for? Try it!

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