Tasty & easy flavour!

Tasty & easy flavour!

Our day is often marked by a hectic pace.

Are the lifestyles of contemporary society imposing pressing rhythms or is the origin of the rush in the human nature of having to do things?

Responding to this question is not simple, but we have an urgent need to slow down, breathe again, get rid of the anguish of not getting to do everything we can to do during the twenty-four hours.

Then we learn to slow down, to give us time and to nourish us properly and consciously. Because only with proper nutrition we will find a good psycho-physical balance.

So, let’s start breaking our endless days with natural snacks, which do not weigh and we always avoid jumping over meals.

For those who need delicious and quick ideas here, Dole proposes the Dole Snack Circle: 24 videos that in 100 seconds tell as many recipes of tasty snacks based on fresh fruit.

In each video-recipe, each ingredient is enclosed within the clasp of a circle, the Circle, in fact. The ingredients together form 100% to quickly create a healthy snack that can satisfy the palate and mind.

The first video is the Banana Power Shake with 5 elements: lean yogurt, oatmeal, almond milk, blueberries and Dole bananas. A snack rich in property and taste. Seeing is believing!

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