Why visit St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city full of charm and beautiful.

The first thing that will strike you will be the shape of palaces and churches: every corner you will talk about his story. A city that exudes art everywhere, and in the past has changed its name three times, from Petrograd to Leningrad, up to the current St. Petersburg.

Founded by Peter the Great, who is remembered in the square of the Decembrists, located between the Sant’Isaac Cathedral and the River Neva, it is a place that you should definitely visit.

We still remember the amazement in front of the breathtaking view from the dome of St. Isaac. The beauty in front of our eyes was so magnificent that left us breathless. Besides the view, you can see the famous dome of prayed, the fourth largest in the world and the great presence of the cathedral, also richly decorated inside.

This imperial city marked by communist rule, muse to writers such as Pushkin and Dostoevsky, it is one of the most fascinating in Europe. Cultured and refined with its art collections, including those of the Hermitage Museum located in the historic Winter Palace, elegant and fashionable, with the long Nevsky Avenue, the heart of the city, on which the elegant facades of buildings alternate with cinemas, shops and clubs as well as with its romantic canals.

We recommend you to spend at least three days to visit it, and to buy the St. Petersburg Card, a useful discount card that will allow you access to almost the major attractions, including the Fortress of Saints Peter and Paul. It is located on the island of Neva’ delta and formed to defend the mouth of the Baltic Sea by the Swedish power. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, one of the most recognized symbols of the city with its onion domes amongst these is the 81 m high tower, decorated with the enamels and colorful ceramic tiles and glass, is another attraction as well as the Russian museum, or many others.

If you have time and you love animals, you must visit the Zoological Museum, which is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. The exhibits range from huge mammoths, to whale skeletons, sections of birds and butterflies. Among the most precious exhibits are Woolly mammoth and mummified baby mammoths whose age is estimated at more than 40 000 years. We were bewitched and able to see so close how many variants of animals exist in the world.

Finally, dedicated a day to visit the impressive Peterhof palace, built on the shores of the Gulf of Finland from the Tzar Peter the Great and one of the Seven Wonders of Russia.

In short, for those who love the beauty, history and culture, St. Petersburg is a must-see.

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