The new nail polishes for Autumn / Winter

The new nail polishes for Autumn / Winter

After talking about the beauty of our nails and the benefits of their reconstruction, here’s some preview of the fashion nails trends for next Autumn / Winter season for what concern nail polish and nail art.

How will we dress our nails in the coming months? If during Spring and Summer we indulged with vitamin colors, the next season will see a return of the light pink and pearly white, confirming that the nude glazes are turning into a timeless trend.

However, there will be space also for the lovers of color, as the trend of nude nails is accompanied by intense dark red and camel.
News in terms of nail polish for Fall-Winter 2013 – 2014 will be Chanel Elixir , which was unveiled during the Paris Fashion Week, and Morgan Taylor , the new brand of Nails & Beauty landed directly from New York.

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