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Linda vivencia!

An evening of taste organized by the Spanish Tourism Institute of Milan at Cucina Italiana (Italian Cuisine building). The invitation quoted: “show cooking and dinner experience” to better understand the Iberian capital.

We could not miss it.

Madrid is a nice, warm and vital city. Famous for its markets, literary cafes and tapas. They are a small portion of food that usually accompany a drink and they are an integral part of the gastronomic culture of this country. Perhaps, though, not everyone knows that they are called “tapas” (plug) because once they were placed on the glass to not let the flies enter.

During the evening, he had the opportunity to discover some new flavors that the city offers, thanks to the presence of the chef David Garcia, a Michelin star, or rather the “cocinero”, as he likes to be called him.

Its cuisine is distinguished by broths and sauces, which are processed with natural and high quality products. We started our tasting, after a bit of Iberian ham, which cannot be missed, just by a curd with Sierra cheese in Madrid and melanosporum truffle juice. This was followed by a ripe tomato tart and dates, asparagus white, raw and roasted, with white coconut garlic. We have never eaten anything like that. The asparagus raw and cooked mixed was a unique crunchy taste.

But the undisputed plate of the dinner, which has delighted our palate and inebriated our senses, was the meat: calf cheek lard, sliced porcini and potato cream. The best veal meat cooked during 72 hours at low temperature: so tender to be eaten with a spoon.

And finally, a sweet caramel bread pan with fresh milk and banana ice cream.

If you want to experience the same dining experience, we suggest you plan a trip to Madrid and dine at “El Corral de la Morería”. A historic restaurant that in addition to the taste offers a flamenco show, thus transforming a dinner into an experience involving the five senses.

Are you ready to live this journey of pure emotion?

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