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Follow the shark!

Craftsmanship and hi-tech; This is the mix of the Paul Shark’s new autumn-winter collection.

A pioneering Made in Italy made of innovative organic materials, winning new challenges such as Alex Bellini on the Vatnajökull Icelandic glacier, who did a trip with less of -40°.

The result is a set of 4 trendy jackets: lightweight, waterproof and windproof.

The new collection also rediscovers the symbol icon of the brand: the shark. Stylish and elegant in embroidery on polo and sweatshirt embroidery, or graphically reinterpreted for composing jacquard fantasies that embellish jackets and pulls.

Quality, attention to detail and refinement of yarns, as well as a cutting-edge weaving technique, make this collection a truly addictive mix between sports matrix and a metropolitan-contemporary style.

From merino wools to be breathable, waterproof and thermoregulate, double duvets constructed of a multidirectional stretch fabric (material that delivers incredible warmth and lightness) to the new range of trousers that resume studying, manufacturing and testing of jackets. Everything is designed to push the accelerator of Italian tradition into new technological frontiers. Never lose the allure and lightness that always characterize the brand.

A series of clothes dedicated also to the woman, characterized by elegant style and a nautical touch, and we love this combination of sailor and chic!

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