#FashionTrends – The coat: 3 looks to copy

#FashionTrends – The coat: 3 looks to copy

If the inspiration of stylists is essential in the creation of outerwear that amaze us and make us fall in love every time, it is also important to honor the fabrics, which are renewed by virtue of continuous technological progress. The market offers different fashions and styles, but for us, one of the trends that should never be missing in our wardrobe is the coat.

This evergreen garment, which fits perfectly in any winter season and does not fear attics or wardrobes, is always in fashion regardless of the trends that aim, without success, to replace it. This year, however, black and neutral tones will leave space for something else. In fact, the outfits of the stars and the assortments of online stores have shown it, the real trendy women’s coats will be full of strong colors!

So here are some suggestions you can copy:

  •  Dare with color to be fashionable

The yellow, much loved by the Z generation is one of the highlights of the moment and among the nuances of Pantone Spring 2018 colors. Another color that is very fashionable is red, but we prefer vermilion tones. For an elegant and timeless style, instead, opts for navy blue, which is increasingly worn on official occasions by Kate Middleton.

  • Choose a bon ton coat for a romantic occasion

For romantic women, there is no better look than the one that combines the bon ton coat with a beautiful dress up to the knee. It is a style that is worth wearing, embellishing it with some accessories such as sunglasses and a pair of high heels: it is pure expression of the ’50s, especially if we talk about coats rust and with pointed collars.

  • Give it an extra touch with embroidery on the sleeves

If you do not want to go unnoticed, but aim for the current trend, choose a coat over the knee and have embroidery on the sleeves.
We adore this style so much, so we have embellished with some patches some vintage garments we had in the closet. Et voilà, here’s how to make a coat that could not be worn for some time.

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