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How to choose the product to clean your face

To keep skin radiant and young, you need to clean your face twice a day. In fact, proper detoxification allows oxygenation of the tissues and avoids the appearance of imperfections, premature wrinkles or signs of expression.

How and with which product? Because the epidermis needs to be cleaned in a balanced way, respecting the skin biotype. So carefully choose the one that best suits you and pay attention to the detergents too aggressive. We, for example, had a great time using micellar water two in one by Yves Roches and DELIKA® micellar water 4 in 1 by SKiNiUS.

Here are some tips on how to choose your product:

Cleansing milk is the ideal product for those with dry skin. It is applied on dry skin and removed with the cotton soaked in the tonic.

Micellar water. It’s fine for both skin-to-fatty and dry skin. Cleans without rinsing.

Cleansing Gel is to be preferred when you have a skin mixed or fatty with an acne tendency.

Cleansing Cream. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, massages with circular movements and then eliminated it with lukewarm water.

Detergent Mousse. Perfect for those with a mixed skin, it should be rinsed with lukewarm water.

Detergent scrub. Particularly suitable for those with mature or relaxed skin. Its granules stimulate the microcirculation and help to counteract the old skin.

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