Cocco bello!

Cocco bello!

Fresh, sweet, moisturizing and very good.

Coconut is one of the products we prefer during our daily routine to pamper and moisturize our skin!

Not everyone knows, however, that coconut is the fruit of coconut palm (Cocos nucifera), a tree plant belonging to the Arecaceae family, defined as the “tree of life” by the inhabitants of the producing countries as all its parts can be used: water, milk, pulp, sugar, oil, but also shell and leaves that are used as decorative materials.

Great element for moisturizing dry skin and fighting damaged hair. We use Aquolina‘s line, which includes: an essential scrub for sanding and cleaning, ultra-nutritious and moisturizing body milk, and finally a body-based water with essential oils to drive away stress.

What is the nutrient ingredient of your skin?

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